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GV students are more than bold thinkers. They’re diverse doers.

On this campus, we believe that a great education involves more than classroom learning and internship experiences. Education is about exploring your interests, wherever they lead.

Here, you can join any of our more than 50+ student clubs and organizations. Our campus is alive with music festivals, movies, concerts, lectures, parties, student government meetings, mock trials, art shows, and athletic events.


The surrounding community is active and engaged, too—step onto the campus streets for farmers’ markets, shopping, concerts, theater shows, food, music, and an art museum.

Campus Life

GV students have many opportunities to enrich their educations through co-curricular and extracurricular activities. A student might go to hear a guest speaker in anthropology, take a karate class, sing in an a cappella concert, and help paint a house with Habitat for Humanity—all in a single week. Explore the many aspects of social life at Gummi Foundation and see which ones excite you the most.

Students lead more than 100+ autonomous organizations (known as Registered Student Organizations), including groups for activism, religious cultural affinity groups, intramural sports, arts clubs, a debate team, a radio station, and more.

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